Eagle at EuroBLECH 2018
with15kW laser power source!

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Eagle Laser offers the fastest laser, with the fastest
acceleration, and the fastest material handling.

15 kW power + 6G acceleration = Awesome Productivity!

The iNspire cutting machines are the most advanced and productive machines in the world, designed for the most demanding mass production applications.

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The eVision laser cutting machines are an excellent solution for diverse production of large and small product batches.

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Eagle eSmart is an economical choice for those who need trouble free, simple to use laser cutting machines, with great performance.

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We offer the opportunity to supply laser cutting machine for non-standard sizes, to suit individual production needs.

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Eagle offers not only the world’s most advanced Fiber Laser, but also a full line of our own material handling and storage because a laser this productive needs to be fed.

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The Team You Can Trust: Eagle is defined by creative, passionate people who combine unmatched fiber laser expertise with their personal desire to innovate on behalf of customers. Our focuses on innovation and continuous improvement is evident in our advanced machine tools. Pioneers in Fiber Laser: Since 2006 we have been an R&D partner with IPG. Eagle Laser was the first to offer 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, and even 15kW. Our team never stops innovating, we are researching laser systems of twice that power.

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