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With innovation at the core of our DNA, we were the first manufacturer to introduce 6kW, 12kW, 15kW, 20kW, and 30kW fiber laser cutting systems into our portfolio. Every machine at Eagle is designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency from concept to construction. Today, we continue on our quest to deliver only top-performing laser cutting technology and the most innovative software on the market.



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Eagle laser cutting machines are designed to enhance efficiency, boosting your profits while reducing energy consumption and maintenance. We are devoted to developing the most productive machines with the fastest laser cutting speeds, highest acceleration, and fully automated material handling without ever compromising quality and accuracy.

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For your production to run swiftly, you need to consider all aspects and stages of the manufacturing process. At Eagle, we have thought of every piece of the puzzle and designed an entire ecosystem with the laser cutting machine at its nucleus:

We offer you a diverse product range for every aspect of the laser machine production for metal cutting. Discover our unique and innovative laser cutting technology and machine components specifically designed to meet your every requirement, from automatic loading systems to storage towers and many more!

eVa cutting head for the highest fiber laser performance

The cutting head is without a doubt the most important component of a laser cutting machine since it has to withstand extreme conditions and be able to control ultra-high powers while maintaining top precision. Our patented eVa cutting head was built after thorough research to deliver four times less contamination, with automatic beam centering and minimal service requirements, among other unique features. The eVa is a state-of-the-art piece of engineering capable of unmatched performance.

Discover our eVa cutting head

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Eagle is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Wiercigroch as our new Head of Service. Wiercigroch, who has been with the company since 2014, has most recently served as our Service Intervention Leader.

"My goal as the Head of Service is to continue developing our services and enhancing their quality to meet the growing expectations of our customers. I aim to build a team that will not only respond to emerging challenges but also proactively work to anticipate them," commented Daniel Wiercigroch.

During his tenure as Service Intervention Leader, Daniel Wiercigroch managed a wide range of technical service tasks, making him well-acquainted with the challenges in this area. His direct customer work has equipped him with valuable management and communication skills.

Under Daniel Wiercigroch's leadership, the Eagle Service Department will continue to grow dynamically, providing customers with the highest level of service.

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Eagle is pleased to announce the appointment of Rafał Wilczyński as Production Director. In this role, he will oversee production processes and machine assembly.

Rafał Wilczyński has been with Eagle since 2011, bringing extensive knowledge and rich professional experience that have significantly impacted Eagle's technological development through numerous projects. He has earned recognition within the company for his excellent optimization of quality control processes. Before this new role, he successfully initiated and managed the R&D and Quality Control departments.

"Our goal is not only to improve production efficiency but also to set new quality standards that define the future of fiber laser technology," says Wilczyński regarding his objectives.

With the new Production Director, Eagle aims for innovation and excellence, providing customers with top-quality products and setting new trends in fiber laser technology.

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