The EAGLE Group does not just follow laser cutting standards, we set them.

We were the world’s first company to include 6kW, 12kW, 15kW, 20kW and 30kW laser cutting machines into our product portfolio to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency for our customers. Even today, we continue to challenge ourselves on our quest for the fastest laser technology and most innovative software on the market!

Here you can see the advantages of the EAGLE iNspire 30kW fiber laser


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EAGLE laser cutting machines are designed to meet the highest customer expectations. Our machines provide you with exceptionally high work efficiency, full process automation and low production costs. In accordance with the “ideal machine concept” created by years of experience and hard work, our high-tech fiber laser machines can be tailored to your individual production needs.

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We offer you a diverse product range for every aspect of the laser machine production for metal cutting. Discover our unique and innovative laser cutting technology and machine components specifically designed to meet your every requirement from automatic loading systems to storage towers and many more!

eVa cutting head

What is the most important component of a laser cutting machine? Its cutting head of course!

Our patented "eVa" cutting head featuring a globally unique design was specifically developed for metal laser cutting machines using fiber laser source technology. This device is our response to the enormous market demand for machines with extremely high efficiency. Giving you the advantage of higher fiber laser power, more efficient production and peak performance while maintaining low operating and service costs, our eVa cutting head is the perfect addition to your laser cutting machine.

Discover our eVa cutting head

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WHEN: 25 - 28.10.2022

WHERE: Hanover, Germany

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WHEN: 31.03 - 02.04.2022

WHERE: Pordenone, Italy

EAGLE will present laser cutting machine iNspire 1530 with 15kW laser power.


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