Eagle is rewriting success for clients worldwide.
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Clients stand as the cornerstone of our mission, igniting our innovative spirit through their growth. Eagle customers have embraced fiber laser technology, through which they are reshaping operations and rewriting the rules of productivity. Their success stories are a living proof of our commitment.

Miilux - Enhancing productivity in the heavy-duty steel industry

Miilux's commitment to customer satisfaction has led to a global reputation in steel production, processing services, and mining equipment maintenance. Delve into their journey as they transitioned from CO2 laser technology to the efficiency and precision of Eagle fiber lasers.

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ABB - Fiber laser technology for speed & innovation.

Journey into the heart of ABB's operations in Vaasa, Finland, where every cut counts in the production of 70,000 industrial electric motors annually. ABB's pursuit of speed, automation, and energy savings led to a collaboration with Eagle's cutting-edge fiber laser solutions.

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VOSSE - Unlocking Autonomy and Growth

Join us as we delve into Vosse's pursuit of self-sufficiency. From their meticulous selection of the right manufacturer, to the integration of fiber laser technology which led to process control and an amplified portfolio.

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GMB - Leading the Way in Sheet Metal Processing with Cutting-Edge Technology

Driven by a commitment to innovation, GMB acquired an Eagle iNspire 20 kW fiber laser cutting machine, marking a milestone in the company's journey, unlocking new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of its sheet metal cutting capabilities.

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Serwistal - High-power lasers and automation systems for demanding mass production

On the quest to implement one of the most ambitious laser centers in Europe, Serwistal's choice for an ideal partner landed on Eagle, enabling the highest precision and repeatability for processing their patented ultra flat steel sheets: Flatinium.

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Gantech - Synergies in Metal: Gantech's Journey with Eagle's Fiber Laser Technology

In their quest for efficiency, Gantech was in search of a versatile cutting machine capable of handling different materials and thicknesses. A crucial factor in the procurement decision was the requirement for a spacious table. The evaluation focused on confirming whether the iNspire 20kW, equipped with a 6x2m cutting table, met all the specified requirements.

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Laserpoint - Driven by innovation in sheet metal machining

As a third-party provider working with a very wide range of materials and thicknesses, Laserpoint was looking for a flexible machine and automation system capable of rapidly adapting to seven or eight production changes per day. That's where they fell in love with Eagle's performance.

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Vergeest Metaaltechniek - 300 Years of Dutch Excellence Ferried into the Future Together with Eagle

With a rich history dating back to 1726, Vergeest Metaaltechniek prides itself on offering its clients comprehensive 2D and 3D sheet metal solutions. Learn why they chose Eagle to achieve satisfactory results even in the most extreme situations.

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HSJ-Products - Crafting Metal Solutions from Inception to Delivery

HSJ-Products is a Finnish company specialised in crafting custom metal solutions. Their production facilities are equipped with the latest and best machinery available, including an Eagle iNspire 30 kW.

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