At Eagle Lasers, we believe in enhancing productivity through technology. All our software is the product of careful research, tests, and trials by our experienced team of developers to improve all aspects of the cutting process. From a more efficient use of energy and increased quality to waste reduction and process monitoring, our original software offers everything you need.

Software available for EAGLE laser cutting machines:

MyE2DROP – fast cutting

MyE2DROP offers identical functionalities to MyEDROP but for the cabinet pallet outside. Thanks to a second video camera that visualizes the external pallet, it's possible to simultaneously cut a program inside the machine while the operator uses MyE2DROP to place a program on the pallet outside.

MyEDROP – fast cutting

The patented MyEDROP module efficiently uses material remnants, even when they are irregularly shaped or present several holes and gaps. MyEDROP allows you to quickly produce one part right at the machine using the touchscreen without creating a new NC file.

MyECAT - Cutting thick sheets

MyECAT allows achieving the highest quality of cutting on thick stainless and aluminum sheets and rapid burns on all thick sheets. MyECAT improves quality and accuracy for high thickness on piercing and cutting small contours in any position. MyECAT enables a 20% increase of thickness with the same laser power, improves thick sheet cycle time by up to 50%, delivers high-quality edge up to 40%, and 80% less burr on aluminum and stainless steel.

MyERS - Everything under control

MyERS is a modern, cloud-based reporting system that allows unlimited possibilities to optimize your productivity through dynamic, fully customizable reports on every aspect of production, from technician efficiency to energy and gas consumption and everything in between. Be in the know from anywhere in the world and create your own best practices.

MyEBOOST - Fast cutting of thin and medium-sized sheets

MyEBOOST was developed for faster cutting of thin and medium sheets. It includes MyEFLY and MyEFAST functions. MyEFLY function keeps a constant cutting speed while piercing, reducing part cycle times for repetitive patterns on thickness up to 6mm. MyEFAST function improves the cutting and piercing efficiency of thin and medium sheets up to 12 mm by 30%.

MyEMIX - Zero burr cutting technology

MyEMIX significantly increases the quality and speed of the cutting technology. A peripheral device developed by Eagle Lasers engineers automatically changes the cutting technology between oxygen, nitrogen, and an oxygen/nitrogen mixture. The results are increased throughput, speed, and reduced burr.

MyERIS - New philosophy of user experience

Ergonomic, fast, and easy to use, MyERIS is an award-winning HMI (human-machine interface) standard in all Eagle fiber laser cutting machines. With a revolutionary design, great new functionalities, and a machine-integrated touchscreen, it provides a whole new level of usability and human interaction.

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MyESPOT - Ultra-fast sheet detection

Developed for rapid sheet edge detection, MyESPOT allows you to reduce the sheet location process by up to 4 times. Its rapid edge finder locates the sheet, adjusts the program to match the sheet location, and promptly starts cutting. The cutting head remains retracted during the edge-finding cycle, allowing the machine to move at ultrafast speeds without the risk of collision or sheet damage.

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MyESOFT - Laser cutting optimization

MyESOFT is a CAD/CAM software especially dedicated to sheet metal processing. Its features and intuitiveness allow for effortless operating on a laser cutting machine, plasma, or waterjet. With MyESOFT, programming has never been easier, not to mention its quick cost estimation, real-time production control, and planning ability. By choosing MyESOFT, you can be sure you are getting the best possible performance and productivity.

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MyECOCUT is an innovative cutting technology based on the uniquely designed Eagle nozzle. It reduces gas consumption by up to 75%, improves edge quality and minimizes hail while maintaining maximum cutting speeds even when cutting irregular materials.