Software that is powerful yet easy to use:

Our software suite covers all of the needs of a programmer, operator or supervisor. The programmer will be able to select the software modules that suit your production environment and integrate them into your enterprise system as required. The operator will have full control of the EAGLE Laser, be it carrying out large production runs or cutting an individual part from a remnant sheet. The supervisor will have a continuous flow of laser performance and productivity data at his or her fingertips. EAGLE’s software suite will provide efficiency, control, and profits.

Software available for EAGLE laser cutting machines:

Drop 2 Cut – fast cutting

The Drop2Cut option provides identical functionality to Drop&Cut but on a pallet that is outside the cabinet.

Drop & Cut – fast cutting

Drop&Cut allows you to quickly produce a part right at the machine without creating a new NC file.

CatLine - Cutting thick sheets

With thick sheets, CatLine reduces burr formation and improves piercing, cutting of small contours and cutting of contours positioned close to other contours.

eRs Cloud - Everything under control

A modern reporting system that provides unlimited ways of analyzing and improving laser work cell performance.

FastLine - Fast cutting of thin and medium-sized sheets

Super - fast cutting of thin and medium-sized sheets up to approximately 6mm (.240”) thick (depending on the material and the laser power).

CatLine reduces burr formation and increases the piercing and cutting of small contours, and cutting of contours positioned close to other contours.

MixLine - Zero burr cutting technology

Especially effective for mild steel and aluminum.

eRis - New philosophy of user experience

The Eagle eRis graphical user interface is a new product from the eSoft software family.

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CutEye - Ultra-fast sheet detection

If you also need to reduce the time needed to locate the sheet on the shuttle table before cutting, CutEye’s rapid edge detection will meet this challenge.

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eSoft - Laser cutting optimization

eSoft is CAD/CAM software that is dedicated to sheet metal processing machines.

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