Production processes differ from each other in every company and have their own characteristics. Taking this into account, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations and needs by giving them a choice of three series of devices: iNspire, eVision and bAsic. We have designed the machines from each series in a such a way as to enable our customers to select appropriate power and size of the processing table. The customisable configuration allows the customers to purchase a machine tailored to their specific requirements.

The ergonomics achieved thanks to the compact system structure allowed for a 30% decrease in their space requirements. The laser source, the radiator, the control cabinet and the pneumatic system are integrated within one machine housing. Thus it is possible to install the EAGLE laser in any location in a hall.

The software is used to substantially facilitate the operators of these machines. Additional function of steady supervision of the production via internet connection. Everything in order to provide the best efficency, control and profits.

For customers who want to automate their production we provide the possibility of expanding the system with a device for cutting pipes and profiles as well as loading and unloading systems with a warehouse.

The company’s offer is aimed both at service providers and manufacturers. Depending on the production profile we offer the machine series: iNspire, eVision and eSmart.