About Eagle

Company profile
POWER-TECH specializes in the manufacture of laser cutting systems which use the latest technology. We manufacture EAGLE brand fiber laser cutting systems – the most innovative and reliable systems available today.

Let’s talk about your production requirements and we’ll help you select the right EAGLE series of machine tools to meet your needs.

Our company concentrates on the design, manufacture, and construction of the world’s most advanced and productive fiber lasers. We are excited by the challenge of expanding our technological leadership even further beyond those of our competitors. We focus on our customer’s ongoing needs for faster, more efficient production and greater uptime and reliability.

Here are some statements that can help you understand what makes us tick:

  • We strive to create the ideal fiber laser machine. To that end, we won’t compromise on our own designs and we only use the best component suppliers
  • We design our EAGLE fiber laser machines for longevity, reliability and unmatched productivity
  • We encourage innovation and creativity
  • We organize our company in such a way that is heavily slanted toward R&D and service
  • We believe in only a reasonable spare parts markup to keep our customers running with low operating costs
  • We create an environment of innovation and customer commitment.
 Why EAGLE laser cutting machines?


As an original fiber laser innovator, we were one of the first to develop and sell full fiber laser sheet cutting systems, and our innovative spirit lives on today.

We were the first in the world to launch a 6kW laser cutting system, and today we sell systems up to 15kW.

In order to pursue our goals of being the top innovator in fiber laser, we organize our company around smart, talented, enthusiastic people. Our team is in the relentless pursuit of the ideal fiber laser machine.

EAGLE laser systems feature the fastest machine, the fastest acceleration, and the fastest material handling available on the market today – all focused on producing your parts faster and better. We obtain this leadership position by using the most innovative designs and the best component partners. For example:

  • Modern construction materials can be seen in our polymer concrete composite base frame and our carbon fiber composite bridge.
  • Modern components can be seen in our ultrahigh speed linear motors on all axes, absolute linear encoders, and our world-leading 15kW of fiber laser power.
  • Our commitment to productivity is seen in our 6G acceleration and 10 second pallet changeout.

There is no compromise between quality and performance – we design for the best, most reliable performance.



At EAGLE, we stick to the highest standards. Our carbon fiber traverse bridge uses a similar material to that of the Formula 1 race cars – light, strong, and precise.

We design or purchase the best components available on the market without compromise.

EAGLE machines are designed for longevity and reliability. The system is designed for repair by your operator or maintenance personnel without costly intervention by our service team. Significant equipment failures, if they were to occur, require a telephone or internet connection with our service team for repair. Our equipment and company are both designed to keep you running at peak performance.

Our service department is not a profit center. We provide parts information so that you can source from us or source from others locally if you choose. Although we are always here to serve you to ensure maximum uptime, we focus on your productivity and profitability first.


Delivering products (machines, devices, parts), services (maintenance, trainings) and also technological and financial solution for our clients which quarantees an

increase in competitiveness and profitability of their production.


Constructing and making machines based on newest technologies from the most advanced components, their constant improvement based on experience of our

clients and ours in order to reach best quality, efficiency to price attitude.


Company's good and competent administration and constant improvement of processes will drive our excellent working conditions, profitability, and highest

possible client satisfaction.


Developement of sales and reaching annual sales gross.


Acquiring the best Staff, setting up ambitious but real targets which quarantee personal development of workers, fair compensation consistent with

individual and group achievements and merits for the company.


Our company’s mission is to produce and deliver machines and services based on newest technologies.

EAGLE company’s mission can be described with several rules:

  • working knowledge and competence rule
  • constant development and technological innovations rule
  • a honest attitude towards clients, workers, partners, contractors and competitors rule
  • a reliability for charged assignments rule
  • a social attitude of companies and people-BE FAIR rule

We care about a good working atmosphere and organization because it is a key factor for delivering good company functionality. We precisely control all production processes beginning with the basic and ending with the most complicated. We will reach our goals on the basis of our knowledge and capabilities. We work fast and precise which enables us to meet the deadlines of our contracts.


The mission of our company is to manufacture and supply machines and services based on state-of-the-art technologies, manufactured, sold and delivered with respect to the values that are important to the company.