EAGLE eVa Cutting Head

The eVa head is designed exclusively for 8 to 15kW power fiber laser and solves the many problems associated with ultrahigh power head design. Unmatched resistance to contamination and intelligent, automatic operation, and lightweight operates effectively at extremely high Gs and ultrahigh power.


Handling all that POWER

EAGLE is a pioneer in fiber laser, and we know how difficult it is to develop a cutting head that can handle ultrahigh power while also delivering reliability and very low weight. We spent many years and resources researching ultrahigh power fiber laser, and with that knowledge we developed the eVa fiber laser cutting head. Upon close inspection we believe you will find it to be the finest fiber laser head available.

We have developed and patented the eVa exclusively for ultrahigh power up to 15 kW in high production environments. The dual-body design within the head transfers the power, even 15kW, without risk of damage. The eVa is extremely lightweight enabling high G maneuverability. It utilizes superfast linear motor lift and drop. To ensure long life and production-ready reliability, eVa is designed with few optics and a protective glass design that  greatly resists contamination.

The eVa is the most advanced, productive, and reliable cutting head available for ultrahigh power fiber lasers. Our iNspire and eVision series fiber lasers are equipped with the eVa cutting head.


 Efficiency by Design


The patented EAGLE eVa cutting head brings many exclusive benefits. eVa can process from 0.5mm to 60mm (0.02” to 1.2”). Since the eVa can efficiently and reliably handle 8, 10, and 15kW of power, you can dramatically increase cutting speed.

The ergonomic design is lightweight, enabling our EAGLE machine to boast the up to 6G acceleration – the fastest available.



  • Far less sensitive to dirt than other fiber laser heads
  • 10x fewer replacements of the protective glass of a focusing lens due to the fact that it resides 212mm (8.3 inches) from the nozzle.
  • Serviced by your staff through simple procedures.
  • Extremely fast piercing technology
  • Handles materials from 0.5mm to 60mm (0.02 to 2.3 inches)
  • Automatic beam centering
  • Automatic nozzle quality check
  • Can be equipped with automatic nozzle changer