eVa Laser Cutting Head

  • proven up to 20kW laser power
  • highest reliability on the market
  • 10 times less frequent cover slide replacement
  • optics 5 times less sensitive to contamination
  • 100% serviceable at the production hall
  • 3 consumable parts only


The cutting head is the most important component in the laser system and determines both the performance and the reliability of the machine. EAGLE eVa cutting head has been painstakingly developed by our engineers to operate above 20kW and answers demands for ultimate reliability. This is our response to market demand for the most efficient, reliable, powerful machines.

Purity – eVa is the first cutting head in the world, which offers automatic centering and laser beam control without moving parts within the head. The most common cause of cutting head failures is contamination coming from outside and from motorized moving of lenses. eVa’s internal purity significantly extend lifetime of the head and optical elements.

Wearing parts – The head utilizes only 3 consumables, the protective glass window, glass window seal, and the nozzle. The eVa cutting head is the lowest cost cutting head to operate and is easily maintained by the operator.

Protective glass is placed 355 mm above the nozzle on ultra-high laser power systems. This distance is the most important parameter deciding about frequency of protective glass replacement. The longer the distance, the less often the glass slide is changed. In the eVa head this distance is the largest of all heads available on the market.

Service – Basic maintenance is designed to be done by the customer without requiring service by EAGLE. There is no need to dismantle entire eVa cutting head for basic service, it can be serviced while still on the machine.

Protection – eVa head has a patented anti-collision protection comprising of 4 levels. First, the capacitive nozzle sensor avoids low speed collisions. Next, when cutting sheet metal, the head can slide laterally giving time for the machine to stop. Both levels 1 and 2 are resolved in seconds via automatic nozzle centering. Then, at very high-speed impact the cutting head will rotate on springs, thereby saving the lower module. Lastly, at full traverse speed, over 100m/min) lower module will break away saving your machine from significant damage and the system is brought back into operation in under 1 hour by screw replacement.

Auto Focus - eVa’s auto focusing function enables quick changes of focal length between cutting and burning. Eliminates the need of manually adjust the focus distance based on the material type and thickness. This feature saves setup time and eliminates potential errors.

AC – automatic centering is also an anti-collision system because collisions with speeds not more than 50m/min have no consequences for the machine and production efficiency. This solution reduces the number of expensive wearing parts in the head, such as ceramic parts or adapters, which are no longer a running cost. The AC system does not allow the beam to be emitted when it is not centred. As a result, the entire head and its components such as the nozzle or sensor are protected against damage and their service life is significantly extended.

ACS - The automatic centering and collision avoidance system increases both the efficiency and safety of the machine and reduces the cost of possible collision damage. The system automatically centres the beam after a collision without operators assistance. The patented modular solution in the laser head consists of moving parts. These are located below the optical system. The sensors immediately recognize the collision by the movement of the nozzle and the distance sensor in relation to the beam. If the collision has occurred at a speed of less than 50m/min, the head automatically centres and continues to work without operator intervention. This solution is especially recommended for companies planning to work unattended, at night or at the weekend.

Motorized Zoom – this function automatically changes the beam diameter at the work pieces which adjust perfectly the spot size to the optimum for each material thickness and type. Thanks to it EAGLE laser system achives unbitable performance and efficiency at each type and thickness of the processed material.