Increase the quality

MyEMix is an option that significantly increases the quality and speed of cutting for mild steel and aluminum of medium thickness. It consists of peripheral equipment such as gas mixer and ready mix tank as well as technology tables developed by our engineers. The machine is equipped in such a way that it can automatically change the cutting technology between three gases (oxygen, nitrogen and gas mixture). Thanks to MyEMix we obtain a mixture of cutting gases, with the help of which we can process materials of average thickness much more efficiently.

The main benefit of cutting with MyEMIX is to minimise hail on the underside of the material. As a result, we can cut relatively thick materials at a higher cutting speed than with pure nitrogen, and the hail that occurs when cutting with pure nitrogen will be minimized or not present at all.

We have taken the advantages of each cutting gas (nitrogen for fast cutting, oxygen for hail-free cutting) and combined them into a single cutting stream that cuts fast and virtually hail-free.