First: development.

It should be emphasized that it is extremely difficult to construct a 12 kW laser cutting machine. Especially when it comes to dynamic and efficient machines. This solution must be lightweight, ergonomic and ideal for optics. The last parameter is fundamental to the correct operation of the optics installed in the cutting head, especially at high power rates of up to 12 kW.

The novelty and innovation of the device is manifested in the fact that, unlike existing constructions, it is simultaneously a Z axis and consists of two rather than one body. On the other hand, the bodies are movably mounted on each other in 3 axes and connected to each other by a flexible bellows. Such a solution made it possible to achieve the special features of the cutting head with wide functionality.

Most importantly: all the optics are fixed and there are no moving parts inside the head. Removing all drives from the head and all moving parts keeps the head clean. With this solution you can successfully transfer power up to 12 kW without risk of damage. Let us add that the design of the device positively influences durability and failure-freeness.

Below we present our innovative cutting head, which is installed in the iNspire and eVision series cutters.


 Second: efficiency.

The EAGLE eVa cutting head brings many benefits and its impact on the cutter's performance is unmatched. The range of sheet metal processing of such a system is from 0.5mm sheet thickness to 60mm (competition machine max up to 30mm). The cutting speed of the 5 mm thick black sheet is 20 m / min, which is twice the speed of cutting compared to the existing 6 - 8 KW lasers.

The cutting head has been designed so that weight is lower than competitive equipment. When planning its design, we wanted to maximize the ergonomic and functional device. Thanks to the weight drop we raised the efficiency and dynamics of the whole system.

Both in terms of mechanical design and power transmission capabilities, it outperforms competing solutions. It is an innovative device that combines the advantages of performance, increasing productivity and machine potential.

Combining two technologies: EAGLE eVa's innovative pneumatic and innovative bearings, we have succeeded in creating the most efficient and most accurate laser cutter in the world. The first machine equipped with a fiber laser source with a record capacity of 12 kW.