Covid Statement

Dear customers,
Just like in the whole world, the real growing threat of coronavirus paralyzes the economic development of our countries.
Since the beginning of the threat, the Eagle team has been preparing for this difficult situation. We made every effort to take care of our employees, suppliers and customers during this period. Safety procedures introduced in the company are aimed at minimizing the risk and ensuring the availability of our employees to your service.
Thanks to the automation of Eagle laser cutting machines we have limited most of our service technicians' work to remote services. We can proudly admit that in the food or chemical industry where our laser cutting machines are used, the production runs at the highest speed, without interruptions and without disturbances.
We have also launched additional telephone lines, thanks to which our employees are more accessible to you.
We are also in constant contact with our branches in 27 countries, guaranteeing you ongoing cooperation with our headquarters through them.
We have prepared a special virtual meetings, in modern rooms in our company.
We also monitor all business trips.

Despite the fact that international passenger air and rail connections have been suspended throughout Poland, cargo transport operates without any disruption. Goods leave and enter Poland without problems.
Taking into account the current economic situation, we have also prepared a special offer for our trade fair machines.


More details can be obtained from our salesmen.

You can contact us by phone:

Tel: +48 67 349 06 36
Tel: +48 67 307 00 74
Tel: +48 67 307 02 74


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