Due to the excellent energy conversion from electrical power into a laser cutting beam, fiber lasers can process sheet metal faster and cheaper than any other cutting technology. They also have fewer and more durable components, fewer consumables, and minimal service requirements, which make them an ideal choice for the metal processing industry.

7 reasons why fiber laser technology is the best option for sheet metal processing

  1. The technology behind fiber laser cutting allows it to deliver extremely high power with minimal generated heat, which translates into a superb electrical-to-beam power conversion ratio.
  2. Fiber lasers provide high precision of beam diameter, intensity, and edge sharpness which results in accuracy, reliability, and the capacity to carry out intricate details.
  3. The sheet metal is not contaminated or at risk of being warped by external objects because it’s cut by light which guarantees a clean, consistent cut from start to end.
  4. Fiber lasers reduce overhead and operating costs due to their durable components, few consumables, and minimal maintenance requirements.
  5.  Speed is also a distinctive feature in fiber lasers which can cut high-precision parts within seconds, reducing production times and increasing productivity per hour.
  6.  Fiber laser cutting machines are compact and take up minimal floor space, making them the ideal choice when manufacturing areas are small or scarce.
  7.  The fact that fiber laser technology is fast and uses less energy than other types of sheet metal cutting machinery contributes to its reduced environmental footprint.

All factors considered, fiber laser is the fastest, most efficient technology for sheet metal cutting, offering outstanding levels of productivity and precision while keeping low operating costs. For all these reasons, it has become the preferred choice for a vast array of metal industries around the world.