iNspire laser cutting machine

The ideal machine concept

EAGLE laser cutting machines are designed to meet the highest of customer expectations. The standard version provides exceptionally high work efficiency, full process automation and low production costs. The EAGLE laser metal cutting machines are designed based on the principle of the "Ideal Machine Concept", which is the result of many years of work, the gathering of experience and the implementation of new solutions.
The composite machine body, carbon fiber traverse, linear motors on all axes, eVa cutting head, laser fiber source and super-fast pallet changer form a dynamic machine which reduces downtimes to an absolute minimum.

Fiber laser pioneers

We have been an R&D partner of IPG, the leader in the development and provision of the fiber laser power source, since 2006. Eagle Laser was the first company to provide 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 20kW and even 30kW machines. And it doesn't stop there: we are currently researching laser systems which will double this amount of power.

Productivity Through Technology

We are dedicated to developing the ideal fiber laser system. Every idea, every invention and every component is aimed at creating the fastest laser with the fastest acceleration and the fastest material handling for the world's most productive machine tool.

Reliability by means of refinement

Although we push the envelope of fiber laser technology, reliability is never compromised: the Eagle systems are operational round the clock. Our patented eVa cutting head makes the full 20kW of power available. We also only collaborate with the best component suppliers for unbeatable full-system reliability – such as Beckhoff control systems, IPG fiber laser, Renishaw motion measurement and Festo pneumatic technology, to name but a few.

At EAGLE, we adhere to the highest standards. Our carbon fiber traverse consists of a similar material to that of a Formula 1 racing car – light, strong, and precise.

We develop or purchase the best components that are available on the market - without compromise. In the mid 2000’s, Eagle set out to develop the ultimate fiber laser machine. Every machine component has been painstakingly developed and optimized to provide maximum productivity and reliability.
Long before fiber laser became a familiar term in the manufacturing industry, Eagle was collaborating with fiber laser pioneers to cut better, faster, and cheaper parts in a 24/7 production environment.
Our pride and commitment are reflected in the quality of the components we select, the finished appearance of our designs, and the eyes of our talented employees.

We produce and deliver machines and services based on state-of-the-art technologies, and manufacturing, sale and delivery take place with respect for the values that are important to our company.
We are committed to having a leading position within the industry with the world's best and most productive fiber laser systems.