NEW Showroom

Showroom at EAGLE's headquarter

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have recently completed a newly refurbished Showroom together with the VIP room in Eagle headquarter in Wałcz. Exhibition space is located at the company facilities on the Nowomiejska 74E street. EAGLE sales representatives from all over the world can now invite their potential clients, do the cut tests, book a training, present EAGLE products and many more in one place.

The visitor's experience is one of the most worked issues for the EAGLE showroom. The organization wanted each visitor to feel the values of the company, as well as always feeling like a part of it. To do this, an area where one can feel the five senses of the Eagle's experience, the EAGLE's most sustainable material, has been reserved.
eVa cutting head evolution has been displayed, where we can see how we progressed in technology to create the best one yet on the market.

Our leader in laser process development will be more than happy to asist you in all cutting tests and cutting parts for your customers, as well as to show all the best features in our Eagle laser cutting machines.

If you are interested in one of our laser cutting machines, book your visit in Wałcz with one of our sales representative or our back office department and we'll put all our efforts into making it success

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