Eagle Team Summit 2022

The annual Eagle Team Summit was held in Poland on September 20th and 21st, gathering most of the brand's distributors and representatives from around the world.

Two days packed with engaging presentations, one-on-one talks, and networking. A tremendous opportunity to share crucial knowledge and the latest market insights. All Eagle Team Summit attendees emphasized how relevant it is to have a time and space specially dedicated to the exchange of experiences and expertise. Despite daily online contact, the chance to chat live with Eagle experts is a different dynamic that allows for more in-depth conversations:

"I really enjoyed the technical round tables with experts. Overall, this event is an excellent opportunity for the whole team to get together. We rarely have a chance to meet in such a broad group," - says Andrea Porta, CEO at Eagle Italy.

Eagle board members shared the feeling. Lidia Woźnica, CFO, underlines the critical role these in-person meetings play, especially for new members of the Eagle Team:

"The Eagle family is growing yearly, and we are pleased about it. Of course, it's always nice to see familiar faces, people who have been with us for years, but we try to make sure those who joined us not so long ago also feel part of the team and are up to date with all the company novelties."

The next ETS is scheduled for 2023 and will probably include more new faces.

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