Eagle's Metal tour brings the highest power to Barcelona

Eagle's "Power Your Future Metal Tour 2022" has been taking the Eagle iNspire 30kW fiber laser cutter on tour through Europe to show its full cutting capabilities to a larger audience.

After successful performances in Italy, Finland, and Germany, the market's most powerful fiber laser cutter landed in Bilbao for the 31st edition of BIEMH, thanks to Supraform, their official distributor in Spanish territory. Luckily for those who didn't get a chance to see it there, the iNspire 30kW will stay in Spain for a bit longer.

The Metal Tour's next stop is Barcelona, where the machine will be exhibited from July 4th to 16th during the Supraform Open Days at their Headquarters in Gava.

It's worth mentioning that, aside from the highest power currently available for this kind of machine, Eagle's iNspire series includes top-of-the-line features. Among them are up to 6G acceleration for ultrafast dynamics, a 9-second pallet changer for shorter work cycles, a super lightweight carbon fiber traverse, linear motors on all axes, and, last but not least, the unique eVa cutting head with patented technology that offers four times less contamination and ten times less frequent protective glass replacement. A machine worth watching.

Regarding Eagle's arrival to the Spanish market, Oskar Santiuste, CEO at Supraform, comments:

 "Eagle is here to stay. To have sold a machine during BIEMH has confirmed our trust in this product. We truly believe in it and are convinced it will become a reference in the fiber laser market."

It's the first time such a powerful fiber laser cutting system visits Spain and it has drawn great interest from the public. Concerning this, Jose Rios, Area Manager for the Laser Cutting Division at Supraform, adds:

"Without a doubt, the presentation of Eagle's iNspire 30kW 6G during BIEMH 2022 was a huge success, exceeding our expectations. The number of visitors and inquiries was such that we're sure the Open Days in Barcelona will be a great opportunity for all those hungry for more and those who didn't get the chance to visit us during the trade show. A week from the event's start, we can confirm that some dates are already fully booked, and we hope to close the rest in the next few days."

If you wish to book a visit to the Open Days in Barcelona or request a live demo, please contact www.supraform.net/contacto/

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