Eagle's 30kW lands in Bilbao for the BIEMH 2022.

As part of the "Power Your Future Metal Tour 2022", we will soon be arriving in Spain for the BIEMH International Biennial in Bilbao from June 13th to 17th.

We’ve designed the Metal Tour in an innovative effort to show our most powerful machine yet; the iNspire 30kW. In a rock tour style, the 30kW laser cutter will be traveling through ten European cities to "perform" in live cutting shows and exhibit our top-of-the-line technology.

It's the first time a 30kW lands in Spain thanks to Supraform, Eagle's official distributor in the Mediterranean country, whose CEO Oskar Santiuste comments:

"In today's overly competitive market, you need a machine of such high performance to stand out from the rest of existing competitors. Our competitive edge in Supraform is bringing the most productive and profitable machines in the industry."

Aside from the highest available power, this state-of-the-art machine also features the latest version of our patented eVa cutting head, 6G acceleration, and a 9-second pallet changer, making it one of the fastest fiber laser cutters in the world.

The BIEMH is just the perfect spot for this premiere since this world-renowned trade show calls its 2022 edition "the most ambitious (…) in terms of technology, solutions, and exhibiting area." Regarding that, José Rios, Area Manager of the Laser Cutting Division at Supraform, adds:

"At Supraform, we are convinced that the Eagle iNspire 6G 30kW presentation at the Bilbao fair will mark a turning point in our market. In this way, confirming all the hard work done in the past two years and, of course, the great expectations we have set on the brand's development for the following years."

The Metal Tour has already made stops in Italy, Finland, and Germany. Now it's Spain's turn to witness the highest power first-hand. After the BIEMH exhibition, the Eagle 30kW will travel to Barcelona to be showcased at the Supraform Open Days from July 4th to 16th.

You can find more information about the Spanish chapter of the "Power Your Future Metal Tour 2022", register for the BIEMH, or book a visit for the Open Days in Barcelona by visiting https://tinyurl.com/mcxzvn4f

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