Eagle Lasers Concludes Successful Global Annual Summit in Turin, Italy

Eagle Lasers, the leading Polish manufacturer of fiber laser cutting systems, recently concluded its annual Eagle Team Summit in Turin, Italy. The event united representatives from around the world, including members from the Italian, German, and Scandinavian subsidiaries, alongside distributors from Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Why Turin? The location wasn’t chosen at random, it marked the opening of Eagle Italy's new headquarters, set to host a cutting-edge technology center, featuring the flagship iNspire 30kW 2.0, complete with the latest innovations and automation technology.

Andrea Porta, CEO of Eagle Italy, expressed his excitement, stating, "We are thrilled to open the Italian technology center and, in the near future, showcase the iNspire 30kW 2.0 to the public. We thought it would be fitting to celebrate this milestone with our global family."

The summit served as a platform for reviewing the previous year's achievements and outlining the company’s ambitious plans for the future during a two-day event.
Presentations, round tables, open panels and one-on-one meetings revolved around advancing sheet metal cutting technology with a focus on speed, automation, and adaptability. The aim is to further optimize machines for continuous 24/7 production with remote supervision.

A significant highlight was the introduction of Eagle Eye, an advanced monitoring system for real-time fault detection during the cutting process, already integrated into the upcoming iNspire 2.0, set to debut at the upcoming Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Additionally, a redesigned control panel with enhanced features was unveiled.

CEO Marcin Ejma teased an upcoming product that is set to be a 'game changer' in the sheet metal cutting sector in 2024/25, with further details kept confidential.

“The opportunity to meet in person allows for a level of connection and understanding that can’t always be replicated virtually”, says Ejma. “And the added bonus of hosting our summit in such a beautiful city made it a memorable experience that I hope will be cherished by all the Eagle family.”

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