Eagle CEO Marcin Ejma Featured in Forbes Poland

Eagle’s CEO, Marcin Ejma, was featured in the latest issue of Forbes Poland, marking yet another recognition of his leadership and a testament to the self-confidence and determination that have characterized him from the very beginning.

In a gripping interview titled 'Eagle Lasers: A Billion-dollar Laser Game,' Ejma takes us back to the inception of his remarkable career. Initially a mechanical engineering graduate, he worked as a waiter in London and later gained experience at his father’s company, where he learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. In 2006, Marcin established Eagle Lasers. However, as the article notes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither was Eagle. The company started by trading spare parts and selling used and new machines. Nevertheless, this wasn’t enough for Ejma. After two years, he decided to manufacture his own laser cutters. Studying the trades of the game, the world of components, powers sources and software, he chose the perfect timing to launch his own product. It was the dawn of the fiber laser era and Eagle grasped the benefits from the get-go, designing the entire machine to exploit this technology.

Seventeen years have passed. Today, Eagle not only produces fiber laser cutting machines but also offers automated material handling solutions. The company has established branches in Germany, Scandinavia, and Italy, exporting products to 27 countries through its official distributors, competing with the world’s top-tier fiber laser fabricators.

“Our core argument should be the efficiency of our machines. That’s why we decided not to be the cheapest manufacturer but the best,” said Ejma.

Eagle’s continuous expansion and its established reputation are a reflection of Marcin’s vision. He doesn’t need to convince anyone about the quality of his products. This is best evidenced by his client list, which includes, among others, SpaceX, ABB, and Mubea, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive components.

However, this is far from the end of Marcin Ejma’s ambitions, and he has already charted new goals for his company’s future. “I find fulfillment as an entrepreneur, I enjoy conquering mountains,” he tells Forbes, “As long as I can do this, I intend to keep pushing forward.”


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