Eagle Announces New Production Director.

Eagle, one of the leading manufacturers of fiber laser cutters, is proud to announce the appointment of Marcin Zydor as the new Production Director. In his new role, Zydor will manage the production and assembly of laser cutters.

Zydor brings vast knowledge to Eagle, with over 20 years of professional experience. During his career, he also had the opportunity to develop his soft skills and participate in the implementation of Lean methodology.

Marcin Zydor joined Eagle in July 2021 as the Head of the Assembly Department. In his new role as Production Director, Zydor aims to achieve high production flow while maintaining stringent quality standards. "Eagle is about to introduce new processes in standardization of staff’s qualifications through the competency matrix," says Zydor.

As a brand committed to delivering innovative and high-quality products, Eagle, along with the new Production Director will strive to achieve even higher results in fiber laser technology.

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