MyECAT - hailless cutting of thick metal sheets, quick-burning, cutting of small contours and thin-walled contours in thick metal sheets.

Thanks to the changes introduced in the laser source, fiber optic and laser head, we have achieved a very high quality of cutting the surface of stainless steel, aluminum and carbon sheets. Extremely fast burning on all sheet thicknesses. An additional benefit is a 20% increase in the thickness of processed materials at the same laser power. Burning time of thick metal sheets has been reduced by 50%. This function allows to obtain high quality edges on stainless steel and aluminium of high thickness. MyECAT function reduces the cutting gradient of such materials by 80%. The result is an increased stability of the cutting process when processing black steel of any quality. MyECAT option also allows the use of smaller contours. Small holes that were previously created by drilling operations can now be cut out by laser. Improved burns allow for complete lack of material flow even with small holes. It also makes it easier to pick up the workpiece from the aurochs, because the cutting gap is now larger.

Ultra-fast sheet detection

If you also need to reduce the time needed to locate the sheet on the shuttle table before cutting, MyESPOT rapid edge detection will meet this challenge. MyESPOT rapid edge finder locates the sheet approximately 3 to 4 times faster, adjusts the cutting program to match the sheet location, and starts cutting. A sheet locating time of 5 seconds is normal for small to medium-sized sheets, with slightly longer for bigger sheets. The cutting head remains retracted during the edge finding cycle, allowing the machine to move at ultra-fast speed and avoiding the risk of collision.