The My eSoft software - of which we are partly a manufacturer - is a software designed for sheet metal working machines. It is a tool enabling work on Eagle laser cutting machines and its main feature is versatility. eSoft can be used to program machines from different manufacturers and changing a given program from an Eagle machine to another company's or to a plasma cutter is not a problem and comes down to pressing a few icons.

This is software with very high performance and functionality parameters. It is enough to carry out production for own needs, provide services for external entities, including the most demanding ones. It contains full technology for cutting processes: laser, plasma, waterjet, gas, punching. Automatic workpiece processing, import of DXF, DWG, GEO, CDL, HPG, PLT, AAM, IGS, NC1, CMC files. Offers the possibility of simulating the cutting process. We offer eSoft software in three versions: My eSoft Basic, My eSoft Compact, My eSoft Professional.

Laser cutting optimization

EAGLE was involved in the development of this software family. eSoft is CAD/CAM software which has been specially designed for laser cutting machines. It is a tool that allows you to work on EAGLE laser cutting machines and, can also be used to program machines such as plasma and water jet cutting machines. The software has a high degree of efficiency and functionality.

eSoft is full-featured software that can keep a small to medium-sized company operating at peak efficiency. This package contains the full cutting technology that is needed to operate a laser, plasma, water jet or oxy-acetylene torch. This powerful software can import DXF, DWG, GEO, CDL, HPG, PLT, AAM, IGS, NC1 and CMC. It also includes a cutting simulation feature which helps you to cut your parts correctly, right from the very first part.