It is a modern reporting system that gives unlimited possibilities to create dynamic on-line reports on the operation of a laser cutting machine. The system is based on the latest programming solutions. Directly on the website after logging in, you can freely create reports that are generated according to personalized settings. Attractive graphic form of static and dynamic reports allows to receive clear information about the laser cutter. The reports cover all aspects of the machine's operation, such as users' working times, machine occupancy and use, spare parts wear and tear, as well as the dynamics of gas and material use. The level of detail of the reports after connection with ERP allows to visualize the costs of cutting each element separately, assess and visualize machine processes and control expenses.

Control = Efficiency

MyERS is making possible to view a wide range of machine data from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone with Internet access to check valuable data from your laser cutting machine in the form of personalized reports.

Cutting time, machine status, information about executed programs, gas comsumption percentages and operator activity are just some of the many data abailable in the system. There are two versions of reports: static and dynamic. The first of them are available with extensive, detailed descriptions and can be sent by e-mail to indicated addresses, automatically and periodically. On the other hand, the ability to create your own dynamic dashboards allows any configuration of reports, and thus multidimensional analysis, both graphical and analytical. The option to export data to popular formats is an additional benefit.

The system is available in four verions differing in advancement grade. It has three levels od access: owner, manager and technologist. It can be used for all EAGLE laser cutting machines, including those already operating at customer's permises, as well as for laser cutting machines from other manufacturers.

Check the owner sample report