Built for speed


The fiber laser is provided by IPG Photonics, the undisputed world leader in the production of sheet metal cutting fiber lasers. IPG's innovative products are characterized by their very high energy efficiency of more than 50%, higher productivity, reduced operating costs, ease of operation and integration, and compact design. The main features of these laser sources are energy efficiency and reliability.
Fiber lasers have a dynamic power range that allows the beam to focus and maintain a constant position, even after the laser power has been changed.

A wide range of spot sizes can also be achieved by changing the configuration of the optics. These features allow the end user to choose the right power density for cutting different materials with a wide range of thicknesses. IPG fiber lasers are ideal for laser cutting applications.

  • IPG Photonics provide low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
  • Full integration of the IPG laser and the IPG chiller into the EAGLE diagnostic system
  • Problem-free operation and extended range of workpiece materials