iNspire series

The iNspire cutting machines are the most advanced and productive machines in the world, designed for demanding mass production applications.

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eVision series

The eVision laser cutting machines are an excellent solution for diverse production of large and small product batches.

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eSmart series

Eagle eSmart is an economical choice for those who need trouble free, simple to use laser cutting machines, with great performance.

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Customized machines

We offer the opportunity to supply laser cutting machine for non-standard sizes, to suit individual production needs.


Key features to compare

Maximum laser power
20 [kW]
20 [kW] 10 [kW] 20 [kW]
6 [g]
3 [g] 2 [g] 3/6 [g]
Positioning speed
350 [m/mm]
180 [m/mm] 170 [m/mm] 180/350 [m/mm]
Pallet changer time
9 [s]
9 [s] 25 [s] 9 [s]
Distance from nozzle to cover slide
355 [mm]  
355 [mm] 305 [mm] 355 [mm]
Warranty for cutting head optic and fiber
100% 100% 100%
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Other features

Maximum speeds
Maximum cutting speed
150 [m/min]
150 [m/min] 100 [m/min] 150 [m/min]
Paralel to X, Y, Z axes
250 [m/min]
150 [m/min] 120 [m/min] 250 [m/min]
350 [m/mm]
180 [m/mm] 170 [m/mm] 350 [m/mm]
Axis parameters
0,03 [mm]
0,03 [mm] 0,03 [mm] 0,03 [mm]
Cutting precision
0,05 [mm]
0,1 [mm] 0,1 [mm] 0,05 [mm]
Min. programmable leap
0,01 [mm]
0,01 [mm] 0,01 [mm] 0,01 [mm]
carbon traverse steel traverse steel traverse carbon traverse