Development of cutting technology

This page is designed to show you the development process of laser cutting technology. Who is Jarek? Associated with EAGLE company since 2008, i.e. from the very beginning, he has contributed to significant development work in fiber laser cutting technology. Jarek creates and develops cutting technology, creates tables of technological parameters of cutting, tests new solutions of laser heads and laser sources, i.e. all kinds of measurements and tests of cutting.

Below we present details, films and technologies tested in Wałcz.

EAGLE exhibits at trade fairs around the world, where you can meet and talk to Jarek.
When he is in the company, he will be happy to present the capabilities of the machine during demonstrations in the Showroom created just for these needs.

  • Offering cutting test
  • Cutting samples
  • Proven solutions tailored to your company's individual needs
  • And much more.

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