After studying at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University ofTechnology in Poznan, Marcin Ejma went on to work in the service and repair fields for well-known laser manufacturers. This led him to accumulate vast knowledge on the construction and manufacturing of several laser cutting systems available at the time. In doing so, he noticed considerable differences in their conception, construction, and efficiency.

Having gathered invaluable insight by weighing up the pros and cons of all the highest-performing machines, Ejma combined their best features with his disruptive ideas to create a new, ground-breaking laser cutting system.

In 2006, together with some of the most qualified European experts, he founded Eagle to create the most efficient laser cutting machines on the market.

Around the same time, a new technology emerged, which would open a new chapter in sheet metal cutting history: fiber laser. Fiber laser technology aligned with Eagle's mission and philosophy, and the company immediately realized its potential.

Eagle was one of the first three companies to grasp the advantages of fiber. In 2008 we presented a fiber laser cutting system at EuroBLECH when most metal processing manufacturers were still promoting CO2 lasers, plasma, and other older technologies.
History proved us right. Today fiber lasers are considered the most efficient metal cutting method, with one fiber laser machine being able to replace from 3 to 5 older systems.

Sixteen years later, Eagle continues leading the path of innovation. The iNspire 30kW is the fastest fiber laser cutting system available today, with up to 6G acceleration, the patented Eagle eVa cutting head, a super-light carbon fiber traverse, linear motors on all axes, and the unmatched 9-second pallet changer. There is no room for compromise regarding our components' quality, efficiency, and reliability.