The ideal machine concept - this is what the Eagle laser cutting system is all about.

Built from scratch with full understanding of the part played by power and acceleration in modern fiber laser cutting machines. The Eagle fiber laser system concept is what makes our product different from any other. We understand that our clients are in a race against their competitors on an everyday basis. Our machines differ from other systems on the market in the same way that a normal car differs from a formula one car. The concept of the machine includes a heavy composite material body which is a perfect, stable base for the super-fast linear motors. The composite machine body has a vibration damping factor that is 100 times higher than steel, and thanks to this material characteristic, rapid acceleration can be achieved. The traverse is made from carbon fiber in order to have lightweight moving parts. All axes are equipped with linear motors, which gives the system the fastest acceleration on the market and provides the highest cutting accuracy at the same time. The linear motors gives also ensure that your machines will provide you with the same accuracy and speed as they did when they were purchased, even after 20 years of operating at full speed and with full acceleration. They do not not wear, and do not lose their accuracy or efficiency.



Innovative eVa cutting head
  • 10 times less frequent cover slide replacement
  • The optic are 4 times less sensitive to contamination
  • 100% serviceable in the manufacturing facility
  • Only 3 consumable parts
Composite material body
  • 100 times better damping vibration coefficient than steel
  • Traverse can be positioned in the body rather than on top
  • Perfect base for linear motors
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient for ensuring dynamic accuracy
Carbon fiber traverse
  • The light weight of the moving parts provides maximum dynamic motion
  • The ideal stiffness ensures accurate cutting
  • Stable temperature and vibration damping
  • Positioned between the base structures, and driven from the center of mass
Linear motors on all axes
  • Maximum acceleration
  • Non-contact, non-wearing, no conversion of rotational to linear energy
  • Maximum precision and quality and no backlash, even over the course of time
  • No referencing required - ready for operation immediately
Automatic pallet changer
  • Pallet change time less than 10 sec (1.5x3m) and 13 sec (2x4m)
  • Minimum downtime
  • Operator has full access to the work area immediately
  • The weekly cutting time can be extended by hours
Absolute linear encoders
  • Closed loop digital positional feedback at extreme speeds
  • The Renishaw “Resolute” optical encoders are accurate to 1 nanometer
  • This provides full control of dynamic machine movements
  • Wear-free and contactless
Fiber laser source
  • IPG Photonics provide low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.
  • Full integration of the IPG laser and the IPG chiller into the EAGLE diagnostic system
  • Problem-free operation and extended range of workpiece materials
eSoft Software
  • Intuitive programming
  • Quick cost estimation
  • Simple quote
  • Real-time production control and planning
eRs Software
  • 3 types of dedicated report for owners, technicians and operators
  • Increased efficiency
  • Full control over the work
  • Better work organization
  • All data stored in the cloud and available from anywhere