eVa cutting head

The cutting head is the most important component of a laser cutting machine because it has to withstand the harshest conditions while remaining 100% stable.

Our patented eVa cutting head is unique in the market. It was the first cutting head in the world to eliminate all moving parts from within the head structure, which are known to be one of the leading causes of contamination. Due to this intelligent design with only 3 wearing parts, it presents 4 times less contamination than all other heads available.

Because the cover slide is positioned 355 mm above the nozzle -the largest distance of any head on the market- it requires 10 times less frequent protective glass replacement. Its state-of-the-art technology is built for precision even at peak speeds and ultra-high powers.

The eVa also requires minimal maintenance and most servicing can be carried out by the customer without the need of an Eagle technician. Among its main features are:

AutoFocus (AF):

AF quickly changes the focal length between cutting and burning, eliminating the need to manually adjust the focal distance based on material type and thickness. This feature saves setup time and eliminates potential mistakes.

Automatic Centering (AC):

The AC system prevents the beam from being emitted when it is not centered, protecting the nozzle and sensor from damage and significantly extending their service life. Additionally, it does not require expensive wearing parts such as ceramic rings or adapters, thus reducing operating costs.

Anti Collision System (ACS):

The ACS is a patented modular solution located below the optical system. Thanks to it, sensors immediately recognize collisions due to nozzle movement and the distance between sensor and laser beam. If a collision occurs at speeds under 50m/min, the head automatically centers itself and continues to operate without operator intervention. This option is recommended for companies that work unsupervised shifts at night or on weekends.

Motorized Zoom:

This function automatically and accurately adapts the beam diameter according to material thickness and type, aiding the swiftness and efficiency of the cutting process.


A function that automatically switches the beam from gaussian to ring mode, particularly useful when cutting thick material at high speeds and using oxygen as an assist gas.


9-second pallet changer

Material exchange plays a critical role in overall productivity. ​​A pivotal point to consider is that a powerful fiber laser cutter is extremely fast, requiring material handling solutions that keep pace with the cutting speed. This is especially important for manufacturers dealing with high volume 24/7 productions where each second saved contributes to overall profitability.

To this end, Eagle has designed a 9-second pallet changer -the fastest in the industry- without hydraulics and fully integrated into the machine body. This intelligent construction eliminates any risk of sheet movement while delivering the best program-to-program time.

Composite Material Body Structure

A laser cutting machine’s body needs to be rigid and stable to withstand the speed of the traverse without compromising accuracy.

All Eagle fiber laser cutters have a polymer concrete body, an advanced material that uses resin binders and aggregates such as granite and quartz, which give it unique mechanical properties.

It has a 100 times higher vibration damping and 10 times lower temperature coefficient than steel. Its vibration absorption and high thermal capacity provide the perfect base for ultra-fast linear motors and an accuracy that was previously reserved for measuring devices.

The body is built through a green process and designed for strength, precision, and durability at the highest dynamic motion.


The traverse has a vital role in the dynamic motion of a laser cutting machine. Ours is made of carbon fiber, a composite with an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio far superior to any metal.

Carbon fiber is super lightweight but also strong, which is why it’s popular as a replacement for steel in aircraft, Formula 1 race cars, and high-performance sports equipment such as bicycles, tennis rackets, and golf clubs.

Eagle’s carbon fiber traverse features high stiffness, ultra-lightweight, temperature resistance, and vibration damping. A long-lasting hard-wearing material, ideal for the highest stability even at peak speed and up to 6G acceleration. Its performance is further enhanced by advanced bridge geometry and mounting configuration entirely within the body structure for absolute accuracy.

Linear Motors

Every Eagle fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with linear drive motors on all X,Y, and Z axes. Unlike other systems such as servo motors, linear motors provide unbeatable precision, acceleration, and dynamic accuracy.

They don’t require racks and pinions since they move due to a magnetic field. This contactless, frictionless motion results in no wear or backlash, providing outstanding reliability, minimum maintenance requirements, and optimal performance over the machine’s entire service life.

Linear motors are built for speed, precision, 100% stability, and 24/7 reliability at the highest acceleration, making them the only technology to deliver the same accuracy after ten years of operation.

Laser Source

All Eagle machines have Ytterbium fiber laser sources manufactured by IPG Photonics, the undisputed leader in developing and commercializing high-performance fiber lasers, amplifiers, and laser systems for a variety of industries.  

IPG's innovative products are characterized by their low energy consumption, higher efficiency and productivity, and reduced operating costs which contribute to the profitability and high quality of the production process.

These sources are reliable, compact, and easy to operate. In addition, they have a dynamic power range and can deliver a wide range of spot sizes by changing the optics configuration. These features allow the end user to choose the proper power density for cutting different materials and thicknesses without difficulties.

IPG fiber lasers are built for speed, durability, and hassle-free functioning, and both the laser and chiller can be fully integrated into the Eagle diagnostics system.

Absolute Linear Encoders

Linear encoders control motion by translating it into a digital signal and are used to determine the speed and position of the working elements in the machine.

Absolute linear encoders, as opposed to incremental, can provide unique position values from the moment they’re turned on.

All Eagle machines are equipped with absolute linear encoders from Renishaw. These top-quality encoders with 22kHz  frequency and high precision are ready to go in less than 15 seconds. They transmit continuous feedback to the controller regarding the exact position of the machine with an accuracy of 1 nanometer, even at maximum speed and acceleration.

Absolute linear encoders have no play, nor is it necessary to home the machine after switching it on. By measuring the actual dynamic position of the machine during the cutting process, they provide 100% control over the dynamic motion for extraordinary rapidity.

Like linear motors, this system is wear-free and contactless, providing the highest accuracy and reliability throughout the machine’s entire service life.

Components for EAGLE laser cutting machines:

eVa cutting head

The cutting head is the most important component in a laser system, and determines both the performance and reliability of the machine.

Pallet changer

This makes it possible to load the sheet metal and unload the cut parts without interrupting the cutting process.

Composite material body

The composite body suppresses vibration perfectly, and provides machining accuracy that was previously only reserved for measuring devices.


The traverse is hardened and processed with extreme precision during the production process.

Linear motors

Linear motors are is installed as standard in all EAGLE cutters.

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Laser Source

The laser source is Ytterbium Fiber laser from IPG Laser GmbH.

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Absolute linear encoders

Absolute linear encoders are used to determine the position of the working elements in the machine.

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All EAGLE machines are equipped with top quality Beckhoff controllers and original EAGLE software.

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