In pursuit of the ideal fiber laser machine

we have designed or chosen only the absolute best components. Every detail has been researched and thought out. Take a close look and see the EAGLE difference.

Components for EAGLE laser cutting machines:

eVa Cutting Head

The cutting head is the most important component in a laser system and determines both performance and reliability of the machine.

Pallet changer

It allows to load the sheet metal and unload the cut parts without interrupting the cutting process.

Composite Material Body

The composite body perfectly dampens vibrations and ensures machining accuracy, until recently reserved only for measuring devices.


The traverse is hardened and processed extremely precisely during the production process.

Linears Motors

Linear motors are a component that is installed as standard in all EAGLE cutters.

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Laser Source

The laser source is Ytterbium Fiber laser from IPG Laser GmbH.

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Absolute linear encoders

Absolute Linear encoders are used to determine the position of working elements in the machine.

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All EAGLE machines are equipped with top quality Beckhoff controls and original EAGLE software.

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