EAGLE headquarter in Poland


...young and creative, who derive great satisfaction from their own ideas. What unites them and makes the company something more than a workplace is the desire to create innovative devices. Experience and reliable knowledge allow to achieve the set goals.

WE are a technological company that operates in the industrial sector. We specialize in the production of laser devices for metal cutting. The offered devices are manufactured in Poland based on the highest worldwide quality components.

Our team focuses on designing laser cutting systems based on innovative technologies. We consistently look for the latest solutions for the industry in order to provide the users of our machines with the comfort of efficient work. Components are the most reliable and therefore we use only the highest quality. Our activities have resulted in a short period of time in the position of technological leader in the industry of metal cutting equipment manufacturers.


The EAGLE laser cutting machine is a perfectly integrated system and a solid production partner for any sheet thickness. It enables the cutting of both simple and very complex shapes, with high edge quality and high accuracy. Laser processing enables the cutting of holes with a diameter of less than 0.4mm of the thickness of the cut sheet. No scratches on the material due to non-contact processing, also engraving and marking is not a problem. Common line processing saves time and material and the system allows to produce short and long series from different materials. As a result, EAGLE laser cutting machines offer more in terms of production efficiency and productivity than machines from other manufacturers.


EAGLE laser cutting systems are designed, programmed and manufactured according to the vision of industry 4.0. This means that both the machine and automation systems, their control and software allow for real-time data exchange with other devices, processes and systems including the customer's ERP system. We offer our own software EAGLE eRs - EAGLE Reporting System, which allows to monitor all important parameters of system operation, operators and programmers. The software offers a number of ready-made reports related to machine operation and its efficiency. eRs collects in real time data about machine work and its operation. The collected information enables e.g. a technologist to create personalized reports in the form of pivot tables and charts. eRs is not only a reporting system. It is a complete, technologically advanced tool for managing the work and efficiency of the cutter and the whole production process.