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Absolute linear encoders are fast and precise enough to keep up with an EAGLE laser. These Renishaw “Resolute” optical encoders provide continuous feedback to the control of the exact location of the machine down to 1 nanometer, even at top speed.

Absolute linear encoders have no backlash and ensure highly accurate motion as well as eliminate the need to home the machine after powerup. By measuring the machines actual dynamic position during the cutting process, they deliver full control of the cutting head. Like the optical linear motors, this system is also non-contact, eliminating degradation and wear over time.

  • 22kHz frequency and precision down to 1 nanometer provides very accurate and timely informationto the controll system
  • Closed loop digital positional feedback at extreme speeds
  • No homing needed
  • Renishaw “Resolute” optical encoders are accurate to 1 nanometer
  • Provides full control of machine dynamic motion
  • Non-wearing, non-contact