Take advantage of HIGH POWER

The premiere that we have all been waiting for from the pioneer in the field of fiber laser technology – Eagle Lasers. Our brand new 30kW iNspire machine sets the new standard for speed, reliability, quality and power. Discover its full potential.

Enhanced efficiency

Today we deliver the fastest and most reliable fiber laser cutting system on the market. With controlled 30kW power, decreased production time, less energy consumption, and, most importantly, lower cost per part, we proudly provide a new level of productivity and efficiency.

Reduced piercing time

Eagle engineers strive to improve our technologies. In our latest iNspire 1530 F30.0 machine, the piercing time has been reduced to a minimum in order to ensure an uninterrupted operation at the highest effectiveness.

Highest return on investment

After deep research and precise development, we present our customers with an exceptional cost-effective system. Through our state-of-art construction, low operating costs, minimal service requirements, and reliable components, we guarantee the highest return on their investment.

Lowest cost per part on the market

Our goal is to provide our customers with key values. One of them is profit. By increasing efficiency and productivity to the highest level, we decrease cost per part to a minimum. Let the numbers speak for themselves and benefit from the most powerful machine on the market.

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Best cutting head in the industry

With a newly released version of our own patented eVa cutting head, dedicated to high powers, you can cut different types of materials and thicknesses. Four times less contamination and ten times less need of lens replacement, significantly lower your operating cost and additional functionalities like extremely fast piercing, allow the machine to run smoothly throughout the whole production shift.

Unmatched acceleration

Design, power, and acceleration should go hand in hand to exploit the machine's potential fully. EAGLE LASERS cutting systems have it all. With its incomparable acceleration up to 6G, they obtain max. positioning speed of 350 m/min and the cutting speed of 150 m/min, keeping full accuracy and the highest quality.

Superfast 9 seconds pallet changer

To ensure the continuity of the machine’s operation and make the most of its productiveness, we have constructed a unique 9 secs pallet changer. A high-power laser cutter requires a constant material supply. Thanks to the ergonomic design of our pallet changer, with easy, 3-sided access and high-speed material handling, we not only secure the production flow but also speed it up. What is more, this component is designed to work with automation systems to boost your profits even more.

Eagle Lasers, nothing faster