About company

Our goal

Company is concentrated on manufacture and construction especially efficient , fast machines and is not interested in production of standard series products. That is why we can fulfil individual client’s needs. It’s not quantity but quality of products which satisfies us. Wisdom and professionalism – that’s our goal. We are concerned about client’s needs, we want that client significantly increases efficiency, quality and velocity of work and earn more after purchase of our laser cutting machine. We can give you an advice which series and type of the machine will be relevant for yours needs.

Our Workers

Our company is defined by people. Young, creative people. Despite of the young age our workers are experienced and theirs opened and brave minds let to fast technological progress of product. Half of workers in our company are engineers and scientists. We are employing extraordinary people who are making unique machines with use of newest technologies and advanced devices. We are trying to make good work conditions which let the workers feel such unique as unique are products which are made by them.

We are aware of that the workers are the most important element in the company and to keep the best people and theirs best ideas we care about their salary, working conditions and working satisfaction. We provide our workers with developing courses which enable to expand their knowledge. Everybody in our company is working with passion and commitment, constantly expanding knowledge in their fields, moreover the conviction about working on unique products which are going to conquer the world adds more motivation and energy for workers.

Modern administration

We care about a good working atmosphere and organisation because it a key factor of good company functionality. We precisely control all production processes beginning with those basic ones and ending with the most complicated ones. We want to reach our goals on the basis of our knowledge and capabilities. We work fast and precise which let us to meet the deadlines of our contracts.