Why EAGLE uses Schmalz’s components in its automation systems?

Power – Tech is a producer of extremely advanced EAGLE laser cutters. The company is a pioneer in the field of machines with Fiber laser. They were the first in the world to invest in fiber laser technology and today offer cutting machines with a maximum power of 12 kW. However, they produce not only sheet metal cutting machines, but also automatic loading and unloading systems that are equipped with suction cups and other vacuum components produced by Schmalz.

Why did the Power-Tech company decide on vacuum technology made by this manufacturer?

There is a wide range of vacuum suction cups, ejectors, grippers, etc. on the market. However, Schmalz, as one of the first manufacturers, started the production of suction cups dedicated to specific solutions. EAGLE, focusing on safety and high ergonomics, chose suction cups that are durable, safe and have a special application for transferring sheet metal to oiled or lubricated surfaces. The selection of appropriate suction cups for metal sheets is very important, because it determines the safety of the operation of the loading and unloading system.

Both: the Crane Master automatic loading and unloading system and the automatic Loading Unit are based on the vacuum technique. Based on accurate calculations like holding force, coefficient of friction, Schmalz engineers have chosen appropriate suction cups and ejectors, which should be used in loading systems for transferring sheet metal.

Mentioned above laser cutters are based mainly on suction cups SPU, natural rubber, resistant to abrasion, firmly adhering to the surface. The negative pressure does not damage or deform the transferred metal sheets. The separation function allows you to move individual sheets without gluing effect.

In EAGLE automation devices, the negative pressure is generated by compact ejectors, characterized by a compact construction, low space requirements, and above all having an air-saving function. In addition, ejectors from the SCPi series have a built-in IO-link communication module, informing about any system errors. Safety check valves with limit switches are also used to increase the safety of the vacuum system. The use of such components makes it possible to monitor the consumption of compressed air. Such precise control of compressed air brings with it a reduction in operating costs of the entire loading system, which is undoubtedly a great advantage for the production company.

EAGLE loading and unloading systems work efficiently, smoothly and extremely precisely. In the case of laser cutters, the efficiency depends, among other things, on the fluidity of the cutting process and the accuracy of the positioning of the sheet. Schmalz suction cups do not cause unnecessary vibrations, and properly programmed and refined system eliminates any errors.

By opting for the EAGLE loading system, customers invest in a modern, thoughtful and durable automation technology. They provide themselves with decisive and economical optimization of production processes. Thanks to the use of automated systems for loading metal sheets, the efficiency of operators’ work increases, and the operation of devices becomes comfortable and safe.