Why you should choose Fiber laser?

First of all, pay attention to the high performance of the system. It also increases its dynamics. At the same time, high precision cutting and failure-free. The biggest benefit is the ability to achieve significant savings in usage, primarily due to minimal service requirements, low operating costs, and low power consumption.

Fiber laser is like a LED TV, while a CO2 laser can be compared to a CRT TV. Both technologies are like a microprocessor to an electronic tube. This is a technological gap. So if the owner of a particular company wants to take care of its development, increase its productivity, and thus revenue, it should not be long to wonder.

Fiber is modern, faultless, easy to use, precise and extremely economical in terms of power, space, maintenance and replacement costs. This solution is not only an alternative to CO2 lasers but is a giant step forward.


Fiber is a modern and innovative solution for the industry.

These are modern appliances that stand out with numerous advantages. They are a great and much more cost-effective alternative to CO2 technology, but they also have a wealth of features that allow them to expand their production and improve their quality.

The work of the devices described is based on a smooth process of converting electrical energy directly into light. Fiber technology allows you to cut sheets and other materials of different thicknesses from very thin to very thick.

The wavelength of the fiber laser is 1.064 micrometers. It also has a very small diameter. These properties affect the intensity, which is up to 100 times that of similar CO2 power units.

You can also count on a stable cutting process, while maintaining high energy efficiency. These units are designed to work perfectly even after 100,000 hours of operation. During this time you do not need to worry about maintenance, servicing or replacement of any laser components.