Profits flow with fiber

If you have an old, CO2-based emergency model in your plant and want to upgrade to the most efficient solutions, feel free to contact us. We will help you sell your old device and then produce a modern laser fiber that meets your individual needs.

EAGLE cutters feature a comprehensive design. The laser source is distinguished by its modular design, which results in trouble-free operation and significantly lower operating costs compared to older appliances.

The body of the polymer concrete and traverse, which is made of durable carbon fiber, allows to achieve precision cutting at a level comparable with modern measuring tools.



The most important advantages of our cutters are:

  • a failure-free optical fiber,
    no wear and tear, and therefore no need for constant maintenance,
  • the fiber laser source occupies about 1/3 less space than the CO2 device,
  • technology to minimize the consumption of gases and energy for cutting,
  • high energy efficiency,
  • designed for up to 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation, without having to replace components or perform repairs or maintenance,
  • in case of failure of one of the modules, the whole device will not stop, which helps to maintain the continuity of production,