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You can rely on our qualified staff and especially on the guaranteed quality of the original parts.

Professional spare part advice will help you choose the right amount of parts you need for your laser cutter.

Our specialists are knowledgeable in the purchase of spare parts and spare parts. In our warehouse you will find a wide range of components specifically designed for fiber lasers and laser cutters.


Original spare parts:


Only the original EAGLE nozzles guarantee the highest cutting quality.

Use the best, original nozzles to ensure the highest performance of the machine.

Laser cutting nozzles are made in accordance with the specifications of fiber laser cutters.


Covering glass

For the highest quality of cut, use genuine EAGLE protective glasses.

Only the original protective glasses retain the wavelength of the laser light and the requirements of the cutting process.

Slides are manufactured according to the precise specifications of laser cutters.

 Starter - Kit

Appropriate cleaning agents should be used to prolong the life of the resonator and optics.

Selected, high quality products allow you to take care of the EAGLE laser cutter.

We supply items such as gloves, droppers, cleaning parchments and isopropyl alcohol.