Eagle software

eSoft software is a universal software for laser cutting and also for other sheet metalworking machinery – enabling you to simplify programming and production by running multiple machine tool types off this singular, powerful, software platform. For example, if you choose to bring a job previously run on your plasma table to your high-powered and efficient EAGLE Laser, the cutting program can switched with the ease of pressing a few buttons.

eSoft comes in three levels of sophistication:



 eSoft Basic

eSoft Basic is a full-featured software that can keep a small to mid-sized company operating at peak efficiency. This package contains the full cutting technology to operate a laser, plasma, waterjet, or oxygen acetylene torch. This powerful software can import DXF, DWG, GEO, CDL, HPG, PLT, AAM, IGS, NC1, and CMC. It also includes a cutting simulation feature to help you cut your parts correctly, starting with the very first part.

The functionality includes:

  • Intuitive and easy to use operator interface
  • CAD – A full-featured CAD drawing package is included in the software suite.
  • SuperNesting – eSoft’s nesting module is a fast and efficient way of optimizing material utilization. The intuitive interface and efficient nesting algorithms will save you programming time and material.
  • Quoting – The quoting module provides time and cost estimates for each job allowing you to quickly create quotes, manage your projects, and convert the quotations to work orders for your production floor.
  • Geometry filter – The advanced geometry filter is a tool to reduce programming time. Many drawings that pass across the programmer’s desk are of low quality and require extensive repair by your programmer. The geometry filter capability enables the programmer the ability to quickly adjust resolution and refinement of the drawing to correct drawing errors.

eSoft Compact

eSoft Compact includes the features of the Basic package plus the ability to handle 3D models. Like the eSoft Basic package it contains the full cutting technology ready to operate many different types of fabrication machinery, import all of today’s common file formats, in simulated your part before cutting.

Functionality included in Compact also included in Basic that includes: CAD, SuperNesting, Quoting, and Geometry Filter.

Additional feature included in Professional but NOT in Compact:

  • CAD Link – This functionality allows creation of cutting programs directly from 3-D models. The conversion from the 3-D model to the finished 2-D nested parts program is accomplished with only a few clicks. The CAD Link software automatically distributes the part program elements across the sheet leaving appropriate gaps between each part depending on sheet thickness and material type. More and more today, programmers receive solid models – let CAD Link help you create accurate to the files fast.

eSoft Professional

eSoft Professional is the most powerful package available. It includes all features of eSoft Basic and Compact, but then includes a production in planning module. When you have a lot of work for your Eagle laser, planning and tracking production for high-volume jobs and one offs can consume a lot of resources and cause production errors.

eSoft Professional delivers full control of production planning, work orders, and shipment. It is a professional tool that improves performance of work through your company to enable you to serve your customers better.

Floating licence

For maximum convenience, you need only purchase the number of licenses that reflect the maximum number of people that will be using the software simultaneously. If eight people might use the software, but only two will use it at one time, simply purchase two licenses. These are called Floating Licenses.

Additional post processor

Additional post processors are available to operate plasmas, water jets, punching machines, are other fabrication equipment with this software. These other machines can be operated using the same licenses.