Eagle Reporting System (eRS)

eRS provides production tracking and reporting to maximize your EAGLE laser.

Our proprietary eRS gives you full control over the work that goes across your EAGLE laser. Not only does it provide information about wear parts such as nozzles, but also provides details as to production run efficiency. Reports from eRS can be generated for the owner, the programmer, the shop floor manager, and the operator. For example, eRS will send emails to managers and staff based on triggers you select, such as unjustified machine downtime, unexpected slowing of production rates, or excessive setup times. eRS will make the operator aware that a wear part is reaching its’ usable life. eRS will help the shop manager identify which operators need help improving their efficiency and throughput.

Maximize the productivity of your EAGLE laser with our eRS application Software.


  • Automatically generated emails to appropriate employees or owner based on triggers you select
  • Real time performance management
  • Wear part tracking of usable life
  • Maintenance logging to show what was changed, when, and by whom
  • Machine performance reporting pertaining to orders, operators, and dates.
  • Machine performance before and after a system or parameter change
  • Full control of the work that flows across your EAGLE laser.
  • Elimination of costly unauthorized personal work by employees