Drop & Cut

The fastest and easiest way to use remnant sheets.

Drop & Cut utilizes a video camera inside the work area to place an image of the sheet remnant on your computer screen. Then, simply select a part profile, drag and drop it onto the image of the remnant, adjust location, rotate it as necessary, and cut. The software will verify that the part will fit within the remnant sheet before it allows cutting to commence.

Most operators prefer not to use remnant sheets. They would much prefer putting a fresh sheet onto the machine, quickly finding home in the corner, and begin – even when cutting a just few parts. The next thing you know, the shop manager is left with a large stack of sheets with just a few parts cut out of them which causes problems when it comes time for a large production run spanning multiple sheets. With Drop & Cut your operator will be able to easily use up remnant sheets. No longer does the operator need to measure an irregularly shaped remnant to see if a part or group of parts will fit. Nor does the operator have to spend time programming the machine to cut a few extra parts.

The Drop & Cut software is extremely fast and simple to operate, saving you time and money, and helping you use your existing remnant material.


  • Easy to use visual interface – drag and drop with your finger
  • Rotate parts to maximize remnant sheet usage
  • Fast – no need to create a new program
  • Maximize use of sheet remnants
  • Eliminate part cutting error by the software ensuring part will fit on remnant