Crane Master

Loading – unloading system

Automatic system CraneMaster loads metal sheets, unloads cut items and is fully integrated with the laser cutting machine. The device has a sheet separating system and a function which measures sheet thickness, controls it and confirms whether it conforms to the selected programme.

By means of a separately controlled vacuum system the loading frame picks up raw material sheets from the loading table and transports it to the machine pallet area. The Unloading unit removes the cut items with comb-shaped forks and places them on the upper surface of the loading frame. Picking up new material and removing cut items happens sumultaneously which is reflected in high efficiency levels.

Technical data:
Cycle time: 65 s
Max. sheet size: 1.25m x 2.5m; 1.5m x 3m; 2m x 4m; 2m x 6m; 2.5m x 6m
Max. sheet: 25 mm