Crane Master Store

Optimal management of production

Loading and unloading system offers efficient connection between the machine and the storage system, wchich makes automation of loading and unloading more effective. It is an unified unit consists of the following devices:

  • EAGLE laser cutting machine;
  • Crane Master loading and unloading system
  • Twin Tower store unit.

Sheet material is transported directly from the Tower Storage System. CraneMaster receives the sheet from the Tower Storage System, checks material thickness, and loads the sheet onto the EAGLE laser pallet changer. After cutting the CraneMaster removes the processed material from the EAGLE laser pallet changer and puts it onto the unloading container. Here, the operator can access the parts and remnant or the processed material can be transported to the Tower Storage System for storage.

Technical data:
Cycle time: 65 s
Max. sheet size: 1.25m x 2.5m; 1.5m x 3m; 2m x 4m; 2m x 6m; 2.5m x 6m (depending on the size of the machining area)
Max. sheet: 25 mm