Why you should choose Fiber Laser

When it comes to processing a sheet of material, many different machine tools can be used. Punch, saw, plasma, waterjet, CO2 laser, or fiber laser.
eVa cutting head

Why choose a fiber laser?

Fiber laser provides the ability to go from art-to-part faster and cheaper than any other cutting technology when processing sheet metal. Fiber laser has low operating cost – due to the excellent energy transfer from electrical power to laser cutting beam. It has low operating cost – due to few moving parts, light payload, long life components, and few consumables. And, fiber laser has minimal service requirements – with most parts replacement and servicing simple enough to be handled by the buyers. The width of cut and heat affected zone of a fiber laser is very small, enabling the creation of incredible detail. Fiber laser is an easy to operate and maintain cutting tool that produces high-precision parts in seconds. This economical tool also requires minimal floorspace. This sheet cutting solution is a significant step forward for fabricators across the world.