Fast cutting of thin and medium sheets

Super - fast cutting of thin and medium sheets up to approximately 6mm (.240”) thick (material and laser power dependent). Fastline has 2 primary functions:

• FlyCut - Flycutting involves the piercing of relatively thin material while at cutting speed as opposed to stopping, piercing, and then moving. The head moves between the contours arranged in an array with an equal speed, not slowing down to pierce, and the cutting is done by switching the laser beam on while over the cutting lines and off as it passes between the contours. When your part has an appropriate repetitive pattern, Flycut can greatly decrease part cycle time and is used up to a thickness of 6 mm.

• FastCut – Fastcut involves “piercing on the fly” and greatly reduces pierce time. Instead of a stationary pierce, the system moves at an appropriate rate to decrease pierce time, and then resumes full speed as soon as possible. This option is used to cut sheets up to thickness of 12mm. With this option, the cutting efficiency of thin and medium sheets improves by up to 30%.