Power, acceleration, and design in fiber laser cutting systems

EAGLE laser delivers the fastest overall project completion time by combining up to 20kW of power with 6g acceleration and a lightweight, superfast moving parts based on heavy base of the machine, high-speed material handling; the fastest machine, the fastest acceleration, and the fastest material handling.


As a pioneer in fiber laser cutting system, we have worked with IPG Photonics for decades as we push the envelope of fiber laser technology. By doing so, we have learned how to reliably handle and use 20kW of power – the highest cutting power in the industry. This power enables thicker material cutting and faster material cutting.


Once you have a fiber laser source that can offer cutting speed faster than any other, you need to make sure you can accelerate your machine fast enough. Anyone can say they have a high-speed machine, but the question is how much distance is required to get the machine up to top speed. EAGLE’s machine delivers the fastest acceleration in the industry, nearly 6G. That is 58.86 meters per second2, or 193.2 feet per second2. Cut sheet metal parts faster with a machine that accelerates at dizzying levels.


To create the dynamic motion of a 15kW 6G EAGLE fiber laser, we have designed the ideal mechanical, electrical, and material handling system. The mechanical system on our iNspire series includes a carbon fiber traverse bridge, polymer concrete composite base, high-power eVa cutting head that utilize linear motors and absolute linear encoders in all axis. We have spent decades perfecting the ideal mechanical design. The electrical system uses high-speed digital control from Beckhoff. The open-architecture system delivers for our advanced application, with uncompromising reliability. The material handling system exchanges pallets in under 10 seconds, ensuring your machine is cutting plate and making money. We have designed out all slow-moving hydraulics to ensure the fastest possible exchange rate.