EAGLE summarizes 2017 in industry

The beginning of the new year is a time of summaries of the last twelve months and plans for the future. For POWER – TECH it was a period of hard work and increased activity as well as dynamic development of markets – both domestic and foreign.

What else was interesting in our company last year?

Dealers Meeting 2017

January we started with the 2017 Dealer Training, which was organized for educational purposes. Dealer training was organized in order to improve the sales technique, discuss the novelties that appeared in the EAGLE offer in the field of automation and software.

Professional sellers are the core of every modern company. The EAGLE strategy aims to develop both: appropriate methods of talking with the client, ways of caring for his interests and methods of gaining trust.

Our activities are aimed at developing the potential hidden in sellers. The January training was organized in order to explain all the above issues in the most appropriate way.


VTM 2017 Exhibition – Denmark

On 28 February – 3 March in Denmark, the VTM 2017 industrial exhibition was held, during which Power-Tech presented a 12 000 Watt laser cutter.

For the first time in this country, we presented the iNspire laser cutter with record power. At the stand, we were accompanied – for the first time – by a sea eagle, who was watching over the presentations and visitors.

For our company it was very successful industrial exhibition, thanks to which we opened a new market in Scandinavia and presented our machines there.


Targi ITM Polska 2017 w Poznaniu

In June, we appeared at the largest industrial trade fairs in Poland – ITM Poland 2017.

Our ”twelve kW” was presented during the aforementioned exhibition and more specifically in the MACH – TOOL salon, where we conducted demonstrations of sheet metal cutting with a thickness of 5 millimeters at a speed of 20 m / min.

This is where we won the Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair for a 12 kW laser cutter. Not only that, during this year’s edition we received a special Acanthus Aureus award for the best architectural and graphic solutions that are conducive to direct communication with the client and emphasize the positive image of the company.


MSV Brno 2017 – Czech Republic

In September, for the first time in history, we took part in the MSV 2017 fair, which took place in the Czech Republic.

One of the most interesting, larger industry events of this type in Europe. We were part of this event for the first time presenting our most technologically advanced EAGLE iNspire 1530 machine with a capacity of 12,000 Watt.


BlechEXPO 2017 – Germany

The last event last year was for us trade fairs in Germany, where we were for the first time in our history.

We are very pleased that for the first time at this event we had the opportunity to present our solutions to specialists in the steel processing industry. The growing interest in innovative EAGLE cutters and numerous conversations with our clients allow us to constantly grow.

At Blechexpo, we presented the following products: iNspire 1530 F 12.0 laser cutter, CatLine software and Drop & Cut software.



Loading Unit automation premiere

During the industrial fairs in Poznan, our latest production automation system – Loading Unit – debuted.

The loading system fully automatic and fully integrated with the machine. It consists of a rotary frame with suction cups.

The unit after receiving operator’s order takes itself a sheet metal from the pallet (with magnets for sheets separation) placed next to the external pallet of the machine.



Last year we also recorded two interesting videos about our employees under ” My EAGLE ” series on YouTube and Facebook.

It was a very good year of hard work and success for us.

We would like to thank all of our customers and business partners for support and cooperation.