EAGLE laser fiber in showroom in Denmark

In the last days (7-8 December 2017) we had an amazing pleasure with the grand opening of the showroom in Denmark.

The exhibition, which includes our EAGLE 1530 F 12.0 laser cutter (12 kW), is located at Dybdalvej 6, DK – 8960, and Randers SO.

The machine showroom is an element of a modern promotional center that combines consultancy, sales, and exposition-educational functions. Education of the Scandinavian market in the use of modern technologies, including Fiber laser cutting is a priority for EAGLE. In its current form, the showroom features a cutter with a maximum power of 12 ooo Watt – a model from the iNspire series.

The employees of EAGLE Denmark and the Timesavers collaborating with her presented the design and the most important advantages of the laser cutter. The opening of the showroom is an initiative of the local dealer of POWER – TECH machines.

Below we present a photorelation from this event, at the same time referring to our social profiles, for more news: