EAGLE cutters and Baumalog automation are a combination of efficiency and precision of metal fabrication

A highly competitive and specialized market forces enterprises to seek new solutions to optimize their production. Companies are looking for such solutions that will become even more attractive to potential customers and those already acquired. One of the current directions of development is the automation of production processes. It is an element more and more desired by Polish production companies.

Baumalog deals with this type of systems, with whom we have been cooperating for many years. They design and manufacture storage devices. Using our extensive experience in the field of automation of production processes, we create the Crane Master Store. It is an advanced installation designed for sheet metal processing. Laser fiber cutting is carried out using laser cutters from two series: innovative iNspire and reliable eVision.

At this point, it is worth explaining how the installation of this type is designed. 



High power

Machines from the iNspire and eVision series are produced with a maximum power of up to 12 000 Watts. As the first on the market we introduced machines with such a high power. This allowed customers to gain a hundred percent advantage when we talk about performance. A company that previously owned a 6 000 Watt laser cutter gains a wide range of new opportunities.

Automation system

Crane Master is a solution that loads sheet metal, discharges cut parts and is completely integrated with the laser cutter. The device is equipped with a separation system and a function of sheet thickness measurement, which controls its thickness and checks whether it is compatible with the given program. The cycle time is 65 seconds, while the maximum sheet thickness for loading and unloading is 25 millimeters.

Storage system

The TwinTower  automated storage system is used to store long-load products (bars, profiles, pipes, etc.) and sheets (metal plates, boards, laminated panels, etc.), pallets and many other heavy and large objects.  The system consists of two storage columns and one transporting column with a moving extractor, shifting trays between the storage columns and the loading station. Additional motor located at the loading station level moves the trays outside the front storage column allowing for loading and unloading with a forklift truck.


Reliability and efficiency of the machine has been achieved thanks to the appropriate adjustment of control systems and mechanics. The heart of the installation is a laser cutter, which is equipped with such technologically advanced components as a carbon fiber traverse (iNspire series), absolute linear encoders, linear motors or a polymer-concrete body.

All of the mentioned elements significantly affect the capabilities of the machines. Cutters designed and created based on such components guarantee results. For example, the machine described here can cut at a maximum speed of 150 m / min with simultaneous accelerations of 6G.

When starting to implement process automation, ask yourself – what determines the decision? It is worth remembering that choosing the right solution is the key to improving the production process.

Below, we would like to present how the Crane Master Store solution works and presents itself on the example of the installation at Arkom z Rzezawy.