Linear motors

How it works?

Linear motor is an electric motor which exchanges electric energy directly into mechanical energy of the translational motion. This technology has the following advantages: reduced friction, lack of clearances, lack of transmissions generating energy loss and lack of positioning failures.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the most important feature of linear motors is the possibility ot achieve considerable operational dynamics.

Linear motors mean efficiency


Power-Tech, a manufacturer of laser fiber laser cutters, develops its machines based on modern technology. Due to the high quality of the cutter manufacturer's solutions, they are able to operate more efficiently than competing machines. This effect was achieved by the installation of linear drives in these machines.

A linear motor is actually an electric motor that generates progressive movement without the use of a transmission, converting electrical energy directly into mechanical power. It acts on a similar principle to a rotary engine, in which the stator and the rotor have been developed into a linear form.

The main advantages of linear drives are minimizing friction, reducing loops, lack of gearboxes, and lack of programming errors.

Obviously, the use of such solutions in laser cutters is mainly related to higher performance and productivity. Power-Tech prepares all its equipment using linear motors. With the installation of linear motors in all axles, we are guaranteed to maintain the operating parameters throughout the life of the laser cutting machine. Drives of this type are unattainable for other acceleration technologies and feed rates.

Linear drives are probably the best solution for this type of device. They allow, especially in conjunction with a carbon fiber crossbar, to achieve maximum performance while maintaining high quality cutting. They are used in all laser cutters of this manufacturer.

The manufacturer's offer includes two models, Eagle iNspire and Eagle eVision, which are equipped with linear drives of this type. Mainly thanks to this solution is achieved acceleration of the order of 6G.