Linear Encoders

Ready to go in 15 seconds

Absolute linear encoders are intended for setting location of working components in the machine. Due to unique method of operation, these devices offer many possibilities that are improving operation of the machine. To specify location, measuring head moving over the linear encoder, is taking photos of a scale with barcode and analyses it. Therefore, it is able to deteremine location with resolution up to 1 nanometre.


  • with the newest TwinCat3 software the machine is ready to wirk in 15 seconds;
  • absolute linear encoders are resistant to contaminations and scratches, what means that even in case of contamination level equal of 80 % the linear encoders can operate without intereferences – they should be cleaned less frequently;
  • bigger resolution – pitch every 5 nm is already nanotechnology that offers high positioning accuracy at high accelerations;
  • frequency 22 kHz of signals redout by the controls, which allows obtaining very accurate information about position of machine.