Linear Encoders

“Ready to go in 15 seconds!”

We utilize only the best technology in our EAGLE laser machine tools. Absolute linear encoders provide high precision locating and feedback of traverse bridge and cutting head within the work envelope. They are also fast enough to keep up with our 6G acceleration.

Because our intelligent linear encoders are absolute, they do not require homing when you start up your machine. Just turn on your EAGLE laser and within 15 seconds your ready to start moving your machine. Linear encoders work in a way similar to a bar code reader.


  • With our latest software, the machine is ready to work within 15 seconds of startup.
  • Highly resistant to” contamination, ensuring reliable operation and less cleaning
  • High resolution – down to nanotechnology levels
  • 22kHz frequency of signal to the control allows for extremely fast closed loop feedback on the position of the machine