Carbon Fiber Traverse

The traverse bridge on the iNspire series of EAGLE lasers utilizes state-of-the-art carbon fiber composite. With a better strength to weight ratio than steel, the carbon fiber bridge delivers considerable mechanical performance. Carbon fiber composites are used in applications where high durability, temperature stability, strength, and lightweight are required. It is capable of operating under immense loads such as those endured by jumbo jet aircraft wings, Formula 1 cars, and Eagle machines.

Traverse bridge manufactured from carbon Fiber reduces the mass of moving machine parts and at the same time provides nearly perfect rigidity which results in stable positioning of linear motors and encoders, even under EAGLE’s 6G application. Carbon fiber composite facilitates extremely dynamic and precise cuts. In addition, Eagle’s advanced bridge geometry and mounting configuration further enhances machine performance.


  • High mechanical strength
  • High rigidity and robustness
  • High durability and long service life
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio compared to metals
  • Stable over time – no geometric creep, deformation, or temperature instability
Formula 1 Standards

We utilize the same material quality and specifications used in Formula 1 motor sports.  The traverse bridge must be light and strong to handle our 6G acceleration without vibration or deformity. Our material is 6 times lighter than steel (37 kg carbon fiber bridge versus 230 kg structural steel bridge) while increasing the strength.


Carbon fiber is the highest standard used in today’s industry. It is primarily comprised of graphite, which provides strength, lightweight, chemical and temperature stability, and hardness.

Carbon fiber is held together by an extremely strong, stiff, and tough epoxy.

Exceptional Properties

Comprehensive, modern construction reduces the weight of  the traverse bridge and results in almost ideal rigidity. The rigidity translates to high accuracy cutting on our EAGLE lasers.

Our carbon fiber traverse bridge is delivers 4x the dynamic performance than a similar steel structure.